SEL Strategy: Tippy Toes Breath (Elementary)

by | Mar 18, 2020 | Exercise, Kids, mindfulness, Resources, SEL Strategies, Social-Emotional Learning

Everyday SEL in Early Elementary School - Mindful Practices

This SEL strategy helps us focus and relax and is great for your little ones.


First:  Stand next to your desk with a tall spine.  As you get started, place a hand on your chair to help you balance.

Then:  Focus your gaze on a point in from of you. Choose a spot that is not moving such as a floor tile or desk leg.

Next: Stand on your tiptoes. Inhaling and staying on our tiptoes, bend your knees to lower yourself about 4 inches as you count to 4, keeping your bak tall and upright.  Inhaling and staying on your tiptoes, lower yourself 4 more inches as you count to four.  Exhaling and staying on your tiptoes, rise back to standing as you count to 4.

Last: Let’s hone our concentration skills and practice Tippy Toes Breath again together.

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