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Mindful Practices exists to prioritize the well-being of teachers and their students.

We use the latest research and technology to disrupt the status quo by identifying, addressing, and managing problems before they start. We listen, facilitate and provide learning experiences for students and teachers. By equipping educational institutions and teachers with SEL tools we are working to transform their individual efforts into a major shift in the educational system.

Class Catalyst Devices
Class Catalyst

Class Catalyst puts student and teacher well-being first by providing space for them to communicate and practice personalized self-regulation techniques.

SEL Certification and Well-Being Badge

SEL Certification &
Well-Being Courses

Become SEL Certified! This an opportunity for educators to explore trauma-informed practices, mindfulness and well-being.

SEL Curriculum

CASEL Designated SELect Curriculum

We are proud to offer our SEL curriculum to schools and educators interested in teaching critical SEL Competency Support.

SEL On Demand

SEL On-Demand Library

Our extensive On-Demand Video Library of SEL Practices & Activities is a wonderful & vital resource for educators.


TeleHealth for Teachers’ Well-being

Our trauma-informed counselors are available to develop a comprehensive teacher wellness program with your school or district’s administrative team.

TeleHealth for Teachers

SEL Adult Well-Being

Well-Being Workshops offer support and guidance in the Educator’s journey of Self-Care. Come away with practical tools for maintaining structure and balance to help you achieve your Self-Care and Well-Being goals.

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We’d love to keep you up-to-date on the latest SEL and well-being best practices and continue to build community together.


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