Mindful Practices is working with teachers to enhance their ability to empower students to become more emotionally aware and encouraging these educators to make space for critical thinking and compassion in the classroom.

Teachers have a profound impact on the students they serve. Learn how you can support students in the classroom through SEL.

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SEL with Student Voice & Agency In Mind

When we talk about SEL we’re not only sharing beliefs–we’re sharing facts. We know that building emotional intelligence can lead to lifelong skills of compassion and intentionality. We have the empirical data, and the lived experiences of children and teachers backing us up. When it comes to SEL we know what we’re talking about. Look no further than the impact of our work.

Our SEL Services coupled with campaigns such as the Student Voice Summit, help young people build resilience in and out of the classroom more effectively with SEL.


Class Catalyst Devices
Class Catalyst

Class Catalyst puts student and teacher well-being first by providing space for them to communicate and practice personalized self-regulation techniques.

SEL On Demand

SEL On-Demand Library

Our extensive On-Demand Video Library of SEL Activities is a wonderful & vital resource for students to practice all of the SEL competencies.

SEL Curriculum

CASEL Designated SELect Curriculum

We are proud to offer our SEL curriculum to schools and educators interested in teaching critical SEL Competency Support.

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