Five to Thrive

What is Five to Thrive?

Class Catalyst believes that student voice and relationship-building doesn’t stop inside the school building, that’s why we created Five to Thrive, our easy-to-implement Social Emotional Learning (SEL) platform for families. Parents can now harness the power of Class Catalyst at home.

How Does it Work?

First, parents or caregivers register their Five to Thrive account and add their participating students.

Then, students are provided with an opportunity to pause, breathe, and select how they are feeling within the platform.

Next, the platform prompts a conversation between the student and parent/caregiver.

Last, families learn and practice an individualized mindfulness and/or SEL strategy together.

When Should I Use Five to Thrive?

Five to Thrive can be used as a daily check-in to help build healthy habits and self-awareness practices. It can also be implemented any time a student needs to take a moment to pause, reset, and connect with a parent/caregiver. 

 Check-in practices help build students’ SEL skills, like emotional awareness, by giving them the opportunity to self-select how they are feeling. The built-in strategies support students’ coping skills and offer ways to manage stress and anxiety so that they can be ready to learn academic content that could be challenging given their unique needs.

The platform also supports students with disabilities through the accessible, image-based guided check-in flow, and an easy sign-in process (only parents/caregivers need a login). 

 Five to Thrive provides a simple way to facilitate relationship-building conversations at home and offers easy-to-follow solutions to promote family well-being and student readiness for learning.

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