Mindful Practices uses a comprehensive, equity-centered, and tech-driven approach to push the boundaries of SEL by prioritizing student and teacher well-being, fueled by student voice, and agency.

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Mindful Practices (MP) is a national professional development organization that has been providing SEL services to the public school system for over a decade using a comprehensive, equity-centered, and data-driven approach to push the boundaries of the modern days school system. However, in order to progress in its mission, it must hone its messaging strategy.

Like many organizations today, MP finds itself facing a constructive, but significant communications challenge: Finding a way to energize its audiences to act – more specifically, to amplify the value of agency and voice in the classroom.

Learn more about how we’re providing support for students and teachers.

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Sample Activities

Enjoy these complimentary lesson plans & activities from “Cooling Down You Classroom” and our SEL Resource Library, geared to address the Mindful Practices SEL Competencies!

Star Pose

Star Pose

Star Pose Who: All ages Why: Yoga helps us build self-awareness and connect with our body....

Memory Minute

Memory Minute

Memory Minute Who: 6th Grade & Up Why: The ability to clear one’s mind is a useful skill that...

Mindful Minutes

Mindful Minutes

Mindful Minutes Who: All Ages Why: These quick and simple practices build self regulation, self...

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