SEL is more than a buzzword in education, it’s a tool for guiding the next generation of teachers and students in their overall well-being for a more equitable and sustainable learning environment.

The well-being of teachers and students must be prioritized now! The team at Mindful Practices are using a tech-driven approach to push the boundaries of SEL. The state of student and teacher well-being is fueled by the power of agency and voice.

Class Catalyst Devices
Class Catalyst

Class Catalyst can empower your whole school or district by providing data-driven SEL tools. Teachers and students can communicate and practice personalized self-regulation techniques.

SEL Certification and Well-Being Badge

SEL Certification &
Well-Being Courses

Need SEL Certification for your whole staff? This an opportunity to enroll your educators in SEL courses that explore trauma-informed practices, mindfulness and well-being.

SEL Curriculum

CASEL Designated SELect Curriculum

We are proud to offer our SEL curriculum to schools and educators interested in teaching critical SEL Competency Support.

SEL On Demand

SEL On-Demand Library

Our extensive On-Demand Video Library of SEL Practices & Activities is a wonderful & vital resource for educators.


TeleHealth for Teachers’ Well-being

Our trauma-informed counselors are available to develop a comprehensive teacher wellness program with your school or district’s administrative team.

TeleHealth for Teachers

SEL Adult Well-Being

Well-Being Workshops offer support and guidance in the Educator’s journey of Self-Care. Come away with practical tools for maintaining structure and balance to help you achieve your Self-Care and Well-Being goals.

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We’d love to keep you up-to-date on the latest SEL and well-being best practices and continue to build community together.


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