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SEL On-Demand Video Library

Mindful Practices exists to prioritize the well-being of teachers and their students.

Class Catalyst has an extensive SEL On-Demand Video Library that teachers and students alike can access. These videos walk through the mindfulness strategies on the platform.


Mindfulness for Early Childhood

We partnered with Michigan Learning Channel and put together a collection of POP Check videos for students that promote SEL competencies and well-being.

View Michigan Learning Channel’s Collection of POP Check Videos

SEL Mini-Lesson: Brain Massage

This 4-minute SEL Lesson is a sample from our online library of implementation focused SEL programing.

These quick SEL activities help students practices mindfulness and the core SEL competencies.

View the Brain Massage Mini-Lesson

Rocks, Pebbles and Sand

A simple animation about the impact of focusing on the important things in life with an important message about how focusing on minutiae may lead to you missing out on the important things. This metaphor is applicable to one’s personal life as well one’s career.

View “Rocks Pebbles & Sand”

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