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The Everyday SEL and Self-Care series written by founder Carla Tantillo Philibert introduces educators and school stakeholders to the Mindful Practices approach to Social Emotional Learning (SEL). These informative texts offer research-backed insights on implementing and sustaining SEL in your classroom and school along with experiential activities for educators and students alike.

Be sure to check out Cooling Down Your Classroom for printable SEL worksheets and activities to make SEL implementation accessible for busy educators of all grade levels.

Recommended Texts

Looking to deepen your understanding of the implementation and “why” behind bringing SEL, yoga, and mindfulness in schools? We highly recommend these additional texts:

Yoga Deck

Looking to deepen your understanding of the implementation and “why” behind bringing SEL, yoga, and mindfulness in schools? We highly recommend these additional texts.

The Yoga Deck - Laminated 8x11

Bring yoga to your classroom with our compilation of calming and energizing yoga poses including teaching descriptions for all age levels

Buy Now $24.95

Complimentary Activities

Complimentary printable social emotional learning lesson plans for all ages! 

SEL at Home

This one page guide for a POP check helps cultivate self-awareness and self-regulation and is available in both English & Spanish!
SEL at Home – English

¡Este cheque POP de una página completa ayuda a cultivar la autoconciencia y la autorregulación y está disponible tanto en inglés como en español!
SEL at Home – Spanish


Math and movement come together in this yoga guide available in both English and Spanish! Great for SEL + academic integration!

¡Las matemáticas y el movimiento se unen en esta guía de yoga de una página disponible en inglés y español! ¡Excelente para SEL y la integración académic|

Yoga Practice

Cultivate body awareness through these beginners yoga sequences.
Yoga Practice (English)

Cultiva la conciencia corporal a través de estas secuencias de yoga para principiantes.
Yoga Practice (Spanish)

Free Lesson Plans

Enjoy these complimentary lesson plans from Cooling Down You Classroom geared to address the Mindful Practices SEL Competencies!

Pass the Cool Cap

Build your social awareness and teamwork!

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Holding Who I Am

Cultivate resilience and communication skills!

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Cool Star Kid

Build your self-esteem and empathy!

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What Is Your Temp?

Cultivate self-awareness and self-regulation!

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Please enjoy our Mindful Practices and Class Catalyst Video Collection!

Class Catalyst

Your favorite Class Catalyst SEL practices, for students of all ages.

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Mindful Reading for Kids

Join our founder Carla as she reads some great books and leads you through a mindful reflection of the texts, for a cross between a book reading and a guided meditation for our younger children.

Youtube Playlist

Mindfulness for Students & Teachers

Prioritizing Your Life: Rocks, Pebbles and Sand

A simple animation about the impact of focusing on the important things in life with an important message about how focusing on minutiae may lead to you missing out on the important things. This metaphor is applicable to one’s personal life as well one’s career.

I Teach Because:

Is a free online community cultivated by the Mindful Practices Team where educators can share their successes and challenges. Together we can connect and positively shift the national conversation around education. Your School. Your Voice. Your Story. #iteachbecause

SEL Town Halls

A convening of experts in SEL, mental health and well-being to share strategies for schools recovery and return.

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Equity & Allyship w/Justice in June

A conversation with the creators of “Justice in June” – a resource compiled by Autumn Gupta with Bryanna Wallace’s oversight for the purpose of providing a starting place for individuals trying to become better allies.

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SEL Has An Implementation Problem

Conversation with Dr. Kiljoong Kim from Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago for a candid discussion of SEL implementation problems and how we can proactively find more equitable solutions. Recorded 6/16/20

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Equity & Student Voice

A place for us all to come together, in community, to hear student voices and perspectives. Q&A session with recent high school graduates around racism and equity in schools. Recorded 6/12/20

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Collective Trauma: Strategies for Moving Through, Not Around

A place for us all to come together, in community, to share our voices and perspectives. To speak our fears and to collaboratively construct anti-racist, trauma-informed solutions. Recorded 6/7/20

Watch Town Hall

Town Hall: FUD Happens, Now What?

What is FUD? How can we move from feeling stuck, overwhelmed and unsure into collecting the information we need to step to action and make brave, informed choices about our students’ mental health and social emotional well-being? Answers to these questions and more! Recorded 5/29/20

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Easing Your Start-of-the-School Year Anxiety

Easing Your Start-of-the-School Year Anxiety

The end-of-summer jitters come for educators every year, but the unknowns for this upcoming school year may feel especially anxiety-inducing. At Mindful Practices, we believe the way to embrace the present is to understand the intricacies of how we are feeling and how to regulate those feelings. Our practices below are meant to provide self-care around boundaries, gratitude, and mindfully acknowledging your present feelings and emotions so you can feel more prepared to handle the unknowns as you move into the school year. 

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