Everyday SEL in Elementary School: Integrating Social-Emotional Learning and Mindfulness into Your Classroom offers educators and practitioners practical strategies for incorporating social-emotional learning (SEL) and mindfulness into their elementary classrooms. This innovative approach teaches educators how to include simple SEL tools into the classroom setting so that students can assume responsibility for their actions, become bodily aware, improve their focus, understand their emotions and maintain positive relationships with others. This easy to use ‘how-to’ guide includes breathing techniques, mindfulness strategies and yoga poses along with modifications for early childhood learners and students with exceptionalities.
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Everyday SEL in Elementary School
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Everyday SEL in Middle School
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  Topics include: • Empowering your students to understand their emotions, improve their focus, manage stress, and regulate their behavior • Introducing your students to the concept of mindfulness and how it fits within the SEL framework • Crafting an emotionally, physically, and mentally safe classroom climate and culture • Engaging your students in activities to strengthen peer-to-peer communication, community-building, and leadership skills • Providing your students the safe space to test their SEL skills through experiential learning, team work, and class discussions • Honing your own SEL competency through professional development so both you and your students can get the most out of your school’s SEL experience

Cooling Down Your Classroom
Cooling-Down-Your-Classroom--Using-Yoga,-Relaxation-and-Breathing-StrategiesCooling Down Your Classroom: Using Yoga, Relaxation and Breathing Strategies to Help Students Learn to Keep Their Cool offers over 190 pages of Yoga-centered wellness designed for teachers interested in cultivating a relaxed classroom environment. Strategies teach students skills that help them recognize and mindfully address their internal and external stressors, thus encouraging higher productivity and focused classroom behavior. This practical, how-to guide, provides teachers with sample yoga lesson plans and games, along with bulletin boards and classroom diagrams. This is the perfect resource for educators and practitioners who are interested in implementing yoga, breathing and relaxation strategies in their classrooms! Price: $49.95
Large, Laminated Yoga Pose Cards
Large, Laminated Yoga Pose CardsThis Cooling Down Your Classroom companion piece contains all thirty of the yoga poses used throughout the book, Cooling Down Your Classroom. Each yoga pose is printed on 8.5″ x 11″ card stock and laminated for durability. Perfect for bulletin boards or centers! Price: $24.95