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We believe in prevention over intervention. Interventions is costly (the equipment, staff and emotional impact) while not solving for the root causes. We support the school districts looking towards Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) to strengthen student’s voice, improve student-to-teacher relationships and ultimately create safer schools


With the recent increase of Title IV funds, schools can invest even more dollars in to SEL. Implementing SEL aligns with the block grant’s focus on creating safe school initiatives and providing well-rounded, equitable instruction for ALL students.



Join a growing number of school districts nationwide choosing to be a catalyst for change. Utilize your Title IV funds by enrolling in Class Catalyst, a web-based SEL diagnostic platform. Student-driven data inform educators on how student energy level/mood/emotional skill development to develop stronger relationships and trust between student and teacher. Class Catalyst real-time data informs teachers on how to modify their general instruction and maximize student readiness throughout each school day.


How it Works

Students check-in at least once as day or throughout the day, if needed.

Real-time data helps teachers make an informed decision on how to approach their instructions to maximize student readiness.

Class Catalyst is designed to work with other SEL programs and helps provide data validation to your entire SEL program.


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