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Wintery Well-Being on the South Shore

On February 3rd, the temperatures in Chicago were in single digits, but the sun was shining and over 200 educators joined Mindful Practices back at the South Shore Cultural Center for our third course on Adult well-being: ‘Vivir Mi Vida’ (Live my Life). 

This event was the third of four courses on adult well-being being put on through a partnership between Mindful Practices and CPS’ Office of Social Emotional Learning (OSEL). The day started with a pair of sessions from both a retired CPS educator, Dr. Jacqueline Mitchell (who worked for the district for over 40 years!), as well as a current CPS educator, Janeice Millon (who currently teaches 3rd grade and is a DEI District Committee Leader.) 

Each of these women brought their unique perspective to the room, but both had the educators reflecting on their self-awareness, the facets of their work and life that are in their control, and “doors” that everyone has the power to either open or close. 

“I appreciated that ‘Vivir Mi Vida’ was not preachy, but instead reflective and contemplative.”

— Attendee, CPS Network Staff

Viva Mi Vida Collage

Educators were also able to engage with Pharlone Toussaint, Director of Equity, Belonging, and Partnerships at Mindful Practices who discussed moving from “safe spaces” to “brave spaces.” Toussaint invited everyone to imagine a place and time where they’d felt brave and then shared the microphone for those who were willing to share their reflections. The result was a special feeling of community, courage, and camaraderie within the room. 

After sharing a hot meal with one another, educators had an opportunity to flex their creative side and use art and storytelling as a way to increase their mindfulness and peace. 

Educators were given space to go through both a ‘Paint & Chill’ activity as well as candle-making. Every person was given the materials to follow along with Aaron Wilcox step-by-step to create a snowman with their canvas and paints. And Sarah Bess Dworin facilitated an intention-setting candle making activity that had each educator walking out with their own candlestick made of beeswax and wrapped around an intention they’d previously written.

“I loved the art activities and the opportunity to relax with staff and have fun”

— Attendee, CPS Network Staff

Mindful Practices was thrilled to host this space for reflection, awareness-building, and well-being for all the educators in attendance. 

We are excited to host one final course in this series, on June 9th. If you’re a Principal or an SEL advocate in CPS, we would love for you to join us!

Have questions? Send us an email to Mindful Practices and let us know!