SEL for Everyone

Caregivers, you may have been hearing a lot of buzz about “SEL” as it relates to your child’s life lately. But, what exactly is SEL? Social Emotional Learning is a process through which children and adults become aware of, and better able to manage their emotions. SEL is not just a passing fad, and it’s not just something we do; it’s who we are!  Click here to learn more about what SEL is and isn’t. 

So, where to begin? Mindful Practices believes that student voice and relationship-building doesn’t stop inside the school building. As a process, SEL works best when it’s integrated into all parts of our day.

That’s why we created Five to Thrive, our easy-to-implement Social Emotional Learning (SEL) platform for families. Similarly, we also created a printable resources for all families to access (EnglishEspañol). Additionally we have webinars for families to learn more about SEL, its benefits and how to practice it at home.

Join us for 

An Introduction to SEL for Families

Tuesday, October 18th.

We want to partner with families to help our children access SEL in all corners of their lives! To learn more about how to effectively practice SEL in your family, join our workshop: