Welcome to our second annual Student Voice Summit featuring student speakers, performers, panelists, and artwork. Students from across the United States completed video submissions with the following questions in mind:

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We learned a lot about the students who shared; their concerns; how they care for themselves mentally, emotionally, and physically each day; who they rely on in their lives for help and support, and the amazing things they have accomplished. Watching this Student Voice Summit is an opportunity to see into their lives, to celebrate their successes and to get real about their challenges!

We encourage the audience to be an active observer as you watch. Practice self-awareness as you see your own reactions to comments and ideas presented in the video. Practice social awareness as you see the ways in which your experience may be similar to those who shared their stories. Ask yourself the same reflection questions that the students are responding to in the video. We invite you to make pen and paper available to jot down notes as you watch. If you are viewing as a group, consider having a larger discussion among peers, and even pausing the video occasionally to allow for group share.

Questions like the following are great starters to facilitating an open and honest discussion.

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1. “What did you hear them say?

2. “Do you agree, or disagree? Why or why not?”

3. “What emotion can you name that would most closely match their experience? When have you felt this way?”

The students who participated in the Summit showed courage through their willingness to share their voice with others. We thank them for that! We hope you enjoy the presentation!

Questions? Please send an email to Mindful Practices at hello@mindfulpractices.us.

The Student Voice Summit is sponsored by Mindful Practices and Class Catalyst