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Mindful Practices knows that during this stressful time, taking care of yourself, your family, and your students matters.

Our Remote SEL Support Program includes mindfulness, movement, yoga, stress reduction techniques, and professional development sessions that are great for teachers, students, and families.

In the spirit of refreshing and renewing ourselves and our community during this time, please enjoy our Wednesday-Friday classes this week free of cost.

Please contact Erika at with any questions or for more information about full day sessions.



Join us Online! Remote Schedule Below for 3/18 – 3/20

Sign up for free sessions starting tomorrow at 7:45am CST below by clicking “Add to Your Calendar.”

3-day webinar schedule

Session 1: Daily Morning Mindfulness

Time: 7:45am-8:15am CST

Description: This class will allow you to enjoy a quiet and relaxing start to your day, with mindful practice techniques from our founder, Carla. Prepare to leave class ready to enter the rest of your day with vitality and balance.

Perfect for: Everyone! Teachers, parents, students/children, administrators.

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Session 2: SEL & Mindfulness Town Hall Webinar

Date: Wednesday, March 18 & Thursday, March 19
Time: 8:30-9:30am CST

: Join our founder, Carla, as she leads a Q&A session on self-care and supporting students and children through these traumatic times, while answering these pressing questions:

  • How do we lessen anxiety the negative impact of social distancing?
  • How do we emotionally support all of our students, especially our Tier II learners, who may easily fall through the cracks?
  • How do we utilize analog mindfulness and movement breaks to help decrease student eye strain, isolation and screen time?
  • How do we infuse mindfulness and SEL into our daily lives to promote stress reduction during this global pandemic?

Perfect for: Our adult audience. Teachers, parents, and administrators.

Description: Join our CEO, Rob Philibert, and SEL Specialist Vienna Webb, to discuss how to utilize tech tools for yourself and your students during this remote learning time. They will be discussing how teachers and parents can connect with students while school is out of session through our complimentary program, Class Catalyst Cares.

Perfect for: Our adult audience. Teachers, parents, and administrators.

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Session 3: Daily Mindfulness, Yoga, and SEL Movement Sessions

Time: 10:45-11:45am CST

Description: Enjoy a purposeful movement break with key SEL and mindfulness tips from two of our amazing SEL specialists, Ms. Stefanie and Mr. Mike, with no previous yoga experience needed. This class is a great way to learn how to let go of the stress and tension and increase focus. Participants will take away helpful tips for bringing similar movement and SEL breaks back to their own classroom, families, or to school staff members.

Perfect for: Our adult audience. Teachers, parents, and administrators.

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Session 4: Daily Movement, Music, and Chair Yoga

Time: 4:00-4:30pm CST

Description: Led by the wonderful Mr. Mike, end your work day by finding your center and getting grounded in body and mind in this gentle class. Chair yoga is practiced either sitting or using a chair for support in various postures, and is designed to mindfully increase range of motion for participants of all levels. Mr. Mike looks forward to incorporating music into these classes so folks can walk away with a fun and refreshed perspective.

Perfect for: Everyone! The music portion will be geared toward children, but adults are welcomed to join as well.

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Sign Up Early! Space Limited for Friday Town Hall Session!

Date: Friday, March 20
Time: 8:30-9:30am CST

Special Friday Session: We are excited to welcome licensed trauma therapist Lara Veon, along with our founder, Carla Tantillo Philibert, as part of our free Friday Town Hall Q&A session. Lara is looking forward to answering your questions about how to remotely support your students with trauma-informed practices.

Perfect for: Our adult audience. Teachers, parents, and administrators.

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Instructions for how to join a session:

Sessions will be held on Zoom; you can join the sessions at the start time by opening your calendar and clicking the Zoom link. Clicking “Add to Your Calendar” for a specific session will add that session to your calendar for the rest of the week, so you don’t have to worry about going back and signing up again each day!

Please plan to set up a free account ahead of time, by going to and clicking the “Sign Up, It’s Free” tab. If you would like, please visit Zoom’s Getting Started page for more information about how to use a Zoom account. If you have specific questions for our team about the technology we are using during our virtual sessions, please reach out to


Current School Partners, We’re Here For You!

We are so thankful for your continued partnership and truly look forward to supporting your teams during these unprecedented times.

We are on call to you Monday-Friday from 7:45am to 4:30pm CST, and our Remote SEL Learning Program access is included for your school team. We’ve got your back, dear friends!



Continuing to Build Our Community:
Virtual and Remote Learning Opportunities For All

Google Education webinar participants

SEL & Wellness During Distance Learning hosted by Google’s Education OnAir and featuring Carla as a guest speaker.

MARCH 23, 2020 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM CDT





Join our Remote SEL & Mindfulness Training Program!

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Are you interested in offering teachers professional development opportunities as they work from home?
(With the option of hours of Masters Level credit with Roosevelt University, Chicago!)

Are you looking for solutions for hourly staff members to maintain their employment status?

Would you like a way to support your teacher’s well-being during this anxious and isolating time?

Join our Spring Mindfulness Training Cohort!

  • Online SEL, Well-being, Mindfulness and Trauma-Informed Practices
  • Open to all staff, including certified, non-certified, hourly workers and para-professionals
  • All sessions/webinars will be recorded and made available for independent viewing
  • Complimentary subscription of Class Catalyst Cares, our web-based SEL platform
  • Participants complete 36 hours of coursework at their own pace to receive training certificate
  • Participants interested in receiving credit towards a Master’s Degree, requires an additional fee to our accreditation partner, Roosevelt University

To join this spring’s cohort, reach out to Erika ( for more information about partnering with Mindful Practices virtually during this time.


Looking to Stay Connected to your Students or Children?

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We’ve partnered with Class Catalyst to offer a complimentary version of their online SEL platform to focus on supporting parents and teachers for the next 60 days.

Class Catalyst Cares is a web based platform for students to check-in with their emotions and connect with a caring adult. For parents, this provides the ability to check-in with their children while they are at work. For teachers, this provides a window to connect daily with those students whom they know may be silently suffering during this time, anxious about remote learning, or needing to stay connected to a trustworthy adult.

Class Catalyst Cares will be available starting 3/25. Fill out the early sign-up form so we can keep you updated.