Not only for kids, Teachers benefits from Yoga too

By now, you are probably well aware that yoga has some excellent benefits for children in the classroom. Yoga – even easy yoga for beginners – can help reduce anxiety and improve focus in students. Many schools have even started using yoga and mindful meditation as a more positive alternative to detention and other forms of discipline. Not surprisingly, the many benefits of yoga can be enjoyed by teachers as well as students.

Reducing the Stress of a Difficult Job

Teaching is a tough job, with over 15 percent of teachers leaving their jobs every year due to burnout. Not only do teachers have to deal with occasionally difficult students, but they have to work long hours to correct papers and develop lesson plans on top of spending six-to-eight hours in the classroom every day. Even the happiest and most well-adjusted teachers working in the most low-key classrooms can feel like all of it is too much. This is where yoga and other meditation techniques can help. Taking a short meditation break during the day and attending regular yoga classes can help teachers greatly reduce their anxiety level and give them the energy they need to interact with their students.

Yoga can also help teachers better cope with the physical demands of their jobs. Elementary school and high school teachers spend a lot of time on their feet, which can be hard on one’s body after several years. Other teachers such as those who work with very young children and those who work in physical education have even greater physical demands. Fortunately, a regular yoga regimen can increase flexibility and improve core strength while it reduces a teacher’s stress levels.

Teaching Yoga to Students

Teachers who take yoga classes and learn more about mindful meditation can also pass what they know onto their students. While it is always best to leave the more advanced teachings to professional instructors, you will be in a much better position to assist your students if you know how to perform certain poses and exercises. It may also give you more opportunities to connect with your students, which is always welcome for teachers and children.

SEL Certification Courses through Mindful Practices Yoga

Mindful Practices Yoga specializes in empowering teachers and their students through easy yoga classes and mindful meditation programs. In addition to our SEL certification courses for school staff members, we offer free lesson plans and other forms of literature that you can use to educate your students and fellow teachers about the benefits of yoga and meditation in the classroom. For more information about our training programs or simply to learn more about yoga and mindful meditation techniques, contact Mindful Practices Yoga today.