Relax and Melt

Draw and Rip

Who: Pre-K to 2nd Grade

Draw and RipWhy: This activity invites age-accessible self reflection that is a critical piece of social emotional learning. Having a family member or teacher narrate the reflection questions allows young students to draw insights into their worries, emotions and feelings and then take a satisfying action to release it from the body. 

Although simple, this mindful practice of noticing,  accepting and communicating one’s personal experience is critical to building a practice of deep inquiry. Deep inquiry is an avenue to exploring root causes of oppression, assumptions and beliefs about the self and the world. 

Tip: Is your student feeling edgy or upset about something? Do they appear to have trouble being present with you or on task? Use this activity to pause and redirect. Make sure to encourage a loud, satisfying “Riiiipppp” when they tear the sheet into pieces!