Class Catalyst

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brain-massage-challenge-3Class Catalyst is a simple and effective way for teachers and students to improve their emotional competency.

It all starts with a simple check-in. Class Catalyst uses live (and long-term) data to help build self-awareness, improve self-regulation and better connect students with teachers. Class Catalyst is designed to give students and teachers a way to raise awareness of their emotional needs and the tools to get themselves ready-to-learn.

Based on the learnings from years of working directly with students, teachers, and administrators, Class Catalyst extends the tools presented in our professional development sessions and brings them into the classroom environment at the individual student level.

It offers:
• Simple check-ins that take about 30 seconds
• Real-time class- and student-level insights
• Individual, evidence-based behavior management solutions for student/class/teachers
• Outlets for explaining the “why” behind students’ behavior
• Data insights into the progress of the students and classes
• Teacher self-care
• Grade and school-level data for administrators

[Class Catalyst] gives me insight to how students are feeling at different points of the day and allows me to see if I need to address/talk about anything before instruction starts. There were times I wouldn’t have known a student was feeling a certain emotion but they shared it on CC.”
– 6th Grade Teacher at Willow Creek Elementary – Woodridge, IL

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