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Student Voice Questionnaire with Sekow

Sekow answers a series of questions aimed at understanding what students are proud of, what they wish adults understood about them, and what stressors the have.

Q: What are you most proud of this year?

A: “To be honest, it was looking into my Aspen every day and just seeing my grades where they want to be. Like, I try my hardest to keep my grades above a 4.0, and right now I’m sitting at a 4.4. And it’s been pretty consistent on that for a while. So I’m really happy about that, so it’s not like a moment, it’s just every single time. It motivates me every single time I look at that GPA.”

Q: What is something that you wish adults realized about being a kid in today’s world?

A: “My English teacher, my art teacher, and my gym teacher—they are people who like have to care, they need to know how you’re feeling, need to know what’s going on. So you can do the best in their class. The gym teacher makes sure you’re performing the best, English teacher makes sure to get the most thought provoking answers out of you. Some teachers need that. Other teachers like the Math teachers or something like that, where they can have a connection to you, but I don’t think… like with my teacher, I’m not as connected with her but we have a good relationship where she makes it known that she sees what I get done.”

Q: What stresses you out the most?

A: “When I go home, I have a problem with procrastinating. So when I’m in class I’ll be like, ‘I can get this done at home,’ and when I’m at home, I’m just like ‘well I have things I want to do, I want to practice on my art wo wo woo.’ So I think I get some of my best work done—this isn’t a good thing—but I get my best work done when I’m pushed up against the wall. When it’s like the day or the night before the day something is due, I get it down like that, and the work is good.”

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