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  • Looking to improve teacher & staff retention?
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    We Are All Leaders of School Well-Being

    Every staff member deserves a support system that puts their well-being first. Join the movement to learn and apply nurturing well-being skills and tools, elevating your community. Learn not only how to support your own wellness but how to lead with collective well-being in mind.

    By elevating voices of the different communities within a school, this certification (twice a month virtually) aims to build leadership capacity and create sustainable systems of well-being and support.

    When: September 2024 – May 2025

    What:  Monthly virtual sessions  + weekly opportunities for self-care practice (yoga, meditation, etc.)

    Location: Online (Live and/or recorded) + 4 in-person full-day retreat experiences (optional)

    Who: Certification is open to Administrators, Superintendents, Principals, Assistant Principals, Inspiring Leaders, Teachers, Paraprofessionals, Union Reps, Social Workers, Counselors, Deans & Parents or Guardians under these 3 Tracks/Cohorts: Leadership, School Staff or Parents/ Guardians.

    Certification Details

    8 Months

    Program Dates:
    September, 2024 – May, 2025


    Certified Well-Being Participants

    Learning Outcomes

    Nurture Your Own Well-Being
    Build Community Within a Cohort
    Access to Well-Being Resources
    Lead Workplace Well-Being Strategies
    Well-Being Begins with You - you'll learn strategies to prioritize your own well-being
    Build a Trusted Well-Being Network of Thought Partners
    Access to Practical & Easy-to-implement tools to make well-being a reality at your school
    Develop and Lead Strategies that are Unique to your School's Needs

    Meet Our Instructors

    Juanita Barajas<br />
CPS Network Team &<br />
Well-being Coach

    Juanita Barajas
    CPS Network Team
    & Well-being Coach

    Dr. Kiljoong Kim<br />
Senior Policy Analyst<br />
at UChicago

    Dr. Kiljoong Kim
    Senior Policy Analyst
    at UChicago

    Eboni Rucker<br />
Restorative Practices<br />
Expert & Coach

    Eboni Rucker
    Restorative Practices
    Expert & Coach

    Matt Weld - Self-care & Mindfulness Coach

    Matt Weld
    Self Care &
    Mindfulness Coach

    Lara Veon, LCPC, NCC - Integrative Psychotherapist
    Lara Veon
    Integrative Psychotherapist
    Max Cole
    Max Cole
    Assistant Principal
    Walter H. Dyett
    School for the Arts
    3rd Grade Teacher, DEI District Committee Leader
    Janeice Millon
    3rd Grade Teacher
    & DEI District
    Committee Leader
    Dr. Allison Slade<br />
NCISC Director of<br />
Student Services
    Jessica Donaldson
    Certified Meditation &
    Mindfulness Teacher
    Dr. Allison Slade<br />
NCISC Director of<br />
Student Services

    Dr. Allison Slade
    NCISC Director of
    Student Services

    Carla Tantillo Philibert<br />
Founder & President of<br />
Mindful Practices

    Carla Tantillo Philibert
    Founder & President of
    Mindful Practices

    Nick Delgado - Chief Executive Officer<br />
Academy Design
    Nicholas Delgado
    Chief Executive Officer
    Academy Design
    Sarah Duncan<br />
Founder of Sarah<br />
Duncan & Associates

    Sarah Duncan
    Founder of Sarah
    Duncan & Associates

    To Be Well Is To Be Well-Informed

    Our work is evidence-informed and evidence-based, thanks to our 9+ years of partnership with Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago and CASEL SELect. This certification utilizes the US Surgeon General’s Framework for Workplace Wellbeing customized specifically for schools. Find out more about our research and our Framework

    Certification Details

      • Virtual Sessions: 16 virtual sessions, 90 minutes each. Offered twice a month from September 2024 to May 2025
      • Online self-care classes: (yoga, dance, meditation, etc.): 16 virtual classes, 30 minutes each. Offered twice a month from September 2024 to May 2025. (optional)
      • In-Person Retreats: 4 full-day retreats (optional)

    Content is available online and on-demand. Well-being and self-care workshops are available online and in-person.

    Cost Details

    1 Person

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    for 1 staff member
    to become certified

    2 People

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    for 2 school staff members
    to become certified

    3 or More

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    Discounts Available

    when 3 or more
    school staff participate

      For questions on pricing or more information, please contact hello@mindfulpractices.us


      We believe that all schools should have access to resources that ensure whole school well-being. We also know that school budgets can be limited.

      That’s why we’re offering $45K worth of scholarship funding to schools that need it the most.

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