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Building Community

Well-Being is Essential

Thank you for partnering with Mindful Practices, Class Catalyst, and the Collective Well-being Project in creating the communities necessary to ensure we are all closer to being truly well.  As a special thanks, we would like to offer you these resources as an exclusive gift that is curated just for you. We look forward to your continued support and commitment!

Class Catalyst Practice - Write and Rip
CWP Resource -Climate and Culture Guide
MP Resource - Which Tells Your Story
Class Catalyst Practice - Shake Out
Class Catalyst Practice 02 - Secret Note
MP Resource - Window of Tolerance
Class Catalyst Practice 34 - Mindful Drawing
MP Resource - Toss Your Worries
MP Resource - SEL Overview and Exercise
Class Catalyst Practice 28 - Energizing Arm Massage
Class Catalyst Practice Featured Image 01-Sunrise Sequence
Class Catalyst Practice Featured Image 8 - Brain Massage
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We’d love to keep you up-to-date on the latest SEL and well-being best practices and continue to build community together.


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