Students! Share Your Voice!
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Students Speak Your MIND!

Due Friday, May 6th

Present, perform, speak, and engage! Please send a 2-5 minute video answering one or more of the questions below.

What’s going on in YOUR world day to day?

What is something that you wish adults realized about being a kid in today’s world?

If you could change one thing about your community, what would it be? Why?

What are you most proud of this year?

Pro-Tips for making your video:

    • Make sure the lighting and background are the way you want them in the video.
    • Speak slowly and clearly.
    • Do a few practice runs to get comfortable with the recording process.
    • Enjoy!

Presenters will receive a Student Voice Summit 2023 T-shirt!

Student Voice Summit T-Shirt

Share Your Voice!

    1. Fill out the form below and hit “Submit”. If submitting artwork too, please explain your art in your video!
    2.  Tag @Student_Voice_Matters on Instagram and use the hashtag #studentvoicematters to join your peers across the country in elevating student voice on social media!

Please note: Students under 18 must have a partnering adult (parent, guardian, school staff member) to submit a video. We cannot guarantee that all videos will make it into the final version of the Student Voice Summit.

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    15161718 or older

    Note: If you are unable to submit the form, it is likely because of your school’s network or security settings. Please try on a home Wifi network or personal laptop/computer, or phone.

    Student Voice Summit T-Shirt

    Presenters will receive a

    Student Voice Summit 2023 T-shirt!

    The Student Voice Summit is sponsored by Mindful Practices and Class Catalyst