During the School Day

Social-Emotional Learning (SEL)

Our SEL Program helps students and teachers self-regulate and “keep their cool” in order to be more focused and ready to learn during the school day. Our belief is that relaxed teachers teach better and relaxed students learn better. A Social-Emotional Learning school partner is assigned a Coach, and throughout the yearly program, receives the following services:

SEL In-Class Coaching/Modeling

Classroom teachers experience movement and SEL activities alongside their students with the guidance of a Mindful Practices SEL coach. These 25-minute sessions focus on mindfulness and SEL activities not only to get students moving and breathing, but also to strengthen their self-awareness, self-regulation and interpersonal skills.
During the School Day

Student Wellness Workshops

Mindful Practices provides fun, energetic and upbeat opportunities for students to move, breathe and build focus during the school day. Student Wellness Workshops, including Hip-Hop Yoga student assemblies, can be an effective way for students to release stress and anxiety during testing periods, as well as a simple way to help build student mind-body health.

Class Catalyst

Class Catalyst is an online tool that provides a simple and effective way for teachers and students to improve their emotional competency. It offers:
        • Simple check-ins that take about 30 seconds
        • Real-time class and student-level insights
        • Individual, evidence-based behavior management solutions for student/class/teachers
        • Outlets for explaining the “why” behind students’ behavior
        • Historical insights into the progress of the students and classes




To help schools create a calm and focused culture throughout the building, Mindful Practices provides a few different recess models based on a school’s needs. Mindful Practices can provide recess facilitation, where a team of trained recess coaches monitors daily lunch/recess spaces and implements SEL-based strategies to manage student behavior and peer-to-peer relationships. Mindful Practices can also provide recess management services that train an already established, school-based recess team on how to utilize SEL-based strategies with students.

After School


Hip-Hop Yoga

Hip-Hop Yoga is an upbeat and energizing after school program that fuses hip-hop dance and yoga into a fun and creative performance piece. The program offers students the mind-body focus of yoga combined with hip-hop’s high-energy and athletic choreography. Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) strategies are woven into the program format to provide students with stronger self-awareness, self-regulation and interpersonal skills. A typical programs runs for 10-12 weeks/semester with capacity for up to 20 students/class.

Cool & Calm Yoga

Mindful Practices’ Cool & Calm Yoga is an innovative student program that brings movement, mindfulness, breath work and SEL into the school setting in the form of an after school class. Along with the physical and emotional benefits of yoga, this program incorporates SEL strategies to help build student mind-body health, as well as self-awareness and self-regulation skills. A typical program runs for 10-12 weeks/semester and can take up to 20 students/class.